The International Scientific Conference on Medicine will be a part of the 79th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia and will be held on 23-24 April 2021. The conference will cover a variety of disciplines in clinical and research medicine, pharmacy and public health.

In the spirit of fostering international collaboration participation is free of charge. The events of the conference will be conducted online, via Zoom.

Listeners (passive participants) are welcome to attend the event. Registration will be available from 15 March 2021. To receive a certificate confirming participation, registration must be completed by 19  April 2021.

Authors whose participation has been approved do not have to register repeatedly.

Please see the conference's program overview here. A detailed program is available below.

As the conference is conducted online, e-posters are published in the "Program" section below. Click on the title to open each e-poster.

The Book of Abstracts for the International Scientific Conference on Medicine in 2020 in the frame of  the 78th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia was published as a supplement to "Medicina" (Kaunas) and is available online.

The Book of Abstracts for the International Scientific Conference on Medicine held on 22 February 2019 during the 77th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia was published as a supplement to "Medicina" (Kaunas) and is available online.

The Book of Abstracts for the International Scientific Conference on Medicine held on 22 February 2018 during the 76th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia is available online.

The Book of Abstracts for the International Scientific Conference on Medicine held on 24 February 2017 during the 75th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia is available online.

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*Please note that all sessions will occur according to Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).


Opening of the conference:

Prof. Valdis Folkmanis, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia
Prof. Indriķis Muižnieks, Rector of the University of Latvia

Cancer Mission: challenges and perspectives

Walter Ricciardi
Chair of the EU Cancer Mission,
Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Scientific Advisor to the Italian Minister of Health for the coronavirus pandemia


Session chairs: Andrejs Ērglis, Gustavs Latkovskis

11:00 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Percutaneous transcatheter left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO), procedural success and safety. Data from Latvian Centre of Cardiology (LCC) during 2010–2020

Rudzītis Ainārs, Strazdiņa Santa, Cgojeva-Sproģe Irina, Grāve Aļona, Ērglis Andrejs

Comparison of early intrahospital results of total arterial revascularization using BIMA composite Y-grafts versus other surgical revascularization techniques

Erglis Martins, Kukaine Sintija, Brecs Ivars, Kalejs Martins, Stradins Peteris, Erglis Andrejs

Analysis of most important cardiovascular disease drivers based on cross-sectional study of cardiovascular risk factors in population of Latvia

Bajare Iveta, Dzerve Vilnis, Jegere Sanda, Caksa Anda, Barzdins Juris, Luguzis Artis, Erglis Andrejs

Arterial stiffening process may be affected by dietary habits in metabolic patients with hyperuricaemia

Dadoniene Jolanta, Grigonyte Milda, Cypiene Alma, Rinkuniene Egidija, Rugiene Rita, Badarienė Jolita, Laucevičius Aleksandras  

Acute ischemic stroke's clinical outcome and ASPECTS value based on hyperdense artery sign

Naglis Roberts, Zdanovskis, Nauris

Differences of unstable angina’s clinical presentation based on sex

Sulskute Kristina, Kersnauskaite Dziugile, Pilkiene Aiste, Petrulionyte Emilija, Serpytis Pranas, Serpytis Rokas

Long-term outcomes after true bifurcation stenting

Laduss Arnis, Čamane Evija, Podolsky Ilya1 Ērglis Andrejs, Trušinskis Kārlis, Latkovskis Gustavs, Sondore Dace, Narbute Inga, Dombrovska Kristīne3, Dombrovskis Andis, Briede Ieva, Lismanis Aigars, Rudzītis Ainārs, Jēgere Sanda, Pikta Sergejs, Kumsārs Indulis

Personalized FSI-modelling of the aortic segment for its mechanical behaviour prediction and loads during the heart cycle assessment

Ovsepyan Artur, Smirnov Alexander, Shatunova Olga, Trunin Eugeniy, Starchik Dmitry, Dydykin Sergey, Vasiliev Yury, Ostyakova Angelina

Requalification of unstable angina diagnosis according to fourth universal definition of myocardial infarction

Sulskute Kristina, Kersnauskaite Dziugile, Pilkiene Aiste, Petrulionyte Emilija, Serpytis Pranas, Serpytis Rokas

Impact of on admission leukocyte count on coronary blood flow and in hospital mortality in patients diagnosed with STEMI

Stalmokaitė Augustė, Navickaitė Inesa, Šimaitytė Paulina, Rėkus Algirdas, Aldujeli Ali, Jaruševičius Gediminas

Session chairs: Valdis Folkmanis, Sergejs Isajevs

11:00 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Neurofilament light chain in the serum of patients with multiple sclerosis

Polunosika Elīna, Simren Joel, Mikijanska Indra, Blennow Kaj, Pastare Daina, Zetterberg Henrik, Kaelis Guntis

Calpain-3-related limb-girdle muscular dystrophy: complex genetics for a rare disease

Lāce Baiba, Stāvusis Jānis, Mičule Ieva, Ķēniņa Viktorija, Strautmanis Jurģis, Kazaine Inese, Tauriņa Gita, Zdanoviča Anna, Iņaškina Inna

Dynamics of multiple sclerosis progression in Latvian population

Kalniņa Jolanta, Paramonova Natalia, Trapina Ilva, Sjakste Nikolajs

The relationship between cognitive failures and human speech hearing difficulties

Dovydėnas Vidmantas, Žukauskaitė Irena, Pečeliūnienė Jūratė

Thyroid nodule malignancy risk stratification by numerous TIRADS systems – can we define the best one?

Popova Nina Malika, Radzina Maija, Prieditis Peteris, Tirane Mara, Rauda Madara, Stepanovs Kaspars

CD63 and DNA mismatch repair protein expression in prostate cancer

Folkmanis Kristofs, Isajevs Sergejs, Jakubovskis Maris, Eglitis Janis, Folkmane Inese, Lietuvietis Vilnis

Clinical usefulness of FDG-PET/CT parameters in detecting of superficial oesophageal cancer

Nessipkhan Arman, Kudo Takashi

Architectural distortion on mammography: multimodality radiologic imaging using standard and novel diagnostic tools in Oncology Centre of Latvia – correlation with histopathology

Pure Santa, Engele Ilze, Zablocka Tatjana

Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography in pre-surgical evaluation of breast malignant lesions at Oncology Centre of Latvia – first-year experience

Ziņģe Marta, Eņģele Ilze

Impact of targeted molecular imaging with 18F-PSMA-1007 PET/CT in multimodal evaluation of prostate cancer

Radziņa Maija, Tirāne Māra, Saule Laura, Roznere Lilita, Kalniņa Marika, Lietuvieti Vilnis, Freimanis Arvis, Vjaters Egils

Session chair: Anžela Kertudo  
11:00 Wellbeing: Mantal Health and Pandemia

Taube Māris
Riga Stradiņš University, Latvia

11:20 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Association of somatic complaints and externalizing/internalizing mental health difficulties in Latvian adolescents

Zarde Inga, Ivanovs Rolands, Bezborodovs Nikita

Selection criteria of the psychotherapist at the urban outpatient psychotherapy service

Zvejniece Liene, Užāns Andis

Depression and somatization in 9th grade adolescents at the beginning and at the end of the final school year

Zīle Inta, Folkmanis Valdis, Tzivian Lilian

Six years with gender identity disorder – a study of case series

Gaspersone Lelde, Bezborodovs Ņikita

The impact of colour on taste perception and its potential applications in health care

Auders Jānis, Zariņa Līga, Keiša Laura, Zaremba Anna, Vintiša Agnija, Šķilters Jurģis

Inpatient treatment and rehabilitation of children and adolescents with Autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability

Semjonova Zane, Bezborodovs Nikita

Self-assessment of depression and anxiety symptoms among patients with epilepsy

Aišpure Ieva, Sūna Normunds

Occupational burnout among Vilnius University residents

Dreskinytė Skaistė, Stanislavovienė Jelena

Parent reports on externalizing difficulties in child-adolescent psychiatric outpatient setting using SDQ and their relation to clinical diagnosis

Kočāne Arta, Bezborodovs Ņikita

Relationship between health system evaluation and anxiety, depression and assessment of their own health state in multimorbid patients

Simonavičiūtė Kotryna, Sedleckaitė Kotryna, Gailiūtė Ieva, Simanauskas Kazys, Vencevičienė Lina

Session chair: Ingrīda Rumba-Rozenfelde  
11:00 Preterm babies: can we do better?

Sniedze Dace
Riga Children’s Clinical University Hospital, Latvia

11:20 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

The severity of acute gastroenteritis among children with rotavirus vaccination compared to non-vaccinated 3 to 6-year-olds 

Girgensone Ginta, Pudāne Ieva Terēze, Kupča Sarmīte

Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of von Willebrand disease in Latvian paediatric population

Krūmiņa Ineta, Purviņa Alise

Analysis of new potential biomarkers from CBC in distinguishing SBI versus bacterial/viral infections in paediatric emergency

Snarskis Kipras, Pakrosnyte Jurate, Jankauskaite Lina

Diagnostic informativeness of ultrasonography examinations in paediatric appendectomy patients during 2018–2020 at Children’s Clinical University Hospital of Riga, Latvia 

Rence Ilze, Apine Ilze, Ābola Zane

Association of the HLA locus intergenic rs9275596 polymorphism with bronchial asthma in the Latvian population

Plaviņa Samanta, Paramonova Natalia, Rumba-Rozenfelde Ingrīda, Trapiņa Ilva, Bebre-Putka Valda, Lielause Gerda, Dokāne Kristīne, Sjakste Nikolajs

Effectiveness of the new patronage model in breastfeeding

Brimova Madina, Saltanat Urazova, Amanbayeva Nazym, Tsai Elena, Kwon Eleonora

Asthma control level and quality of life in children

Bebre-Putka Valda, Lielause Gerda, Paramonova Natalia, Rumba-Rozenfelde Ingrīda

Rehabilitation as immunomodulation approach for children with cerebral palsy

Sharova Oleksandra, Smiyan Olexander, Borén Thomas

Accuracy of the flexible flatfoot measurement in a Paediatric Population. Results of a cross-sectional study

Žukauskas Saidas, Barauskas Vidmantas

US screening in the 1st trimester of pregnancy and congenital anomalies at births

Zile-Velika Irisa, Ebela Inguna, Rumba-Rozenfelde Ingrida

Child and youth mortality trends in respect to macroeconomic factors in the Baltic states 2008-2018

El-Mumin Mohamed Adam El-Mustafa Omer, Rumba-Rozenfelde Ingrīda, Ebela Inguna

Session chair: Arnolds Jezupovs
11:00 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Critical evaluation of mathematical formulas describing the nasal air stream used in commercial rhinomanometry by air flow simulation and computational fluid dynamics

Gūtmane Sindija, Peksis Kaspars, Vogt Klaus, Waldmann Moritz

Increased numbers of CD8+ T-lymphocytes and FOXP3 T -lymphocytes correlated with HPV infection in patients with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Mitildzans Androniks, Zaluzinska Zane, Viluma Laura, Isajevs Sergejs

Histological and ultrasonographical evaluation of skin in the region of scapular and thigh anterolateral flaps

Beinarovica Iveta, Zarins Janis, Pastars Kalvis, Groma Valerija

Infection risk factors and systemic infection rates with antibiotic prophylaxis

Dravnieks Matīss, Tamans Zigurds, Jezupovs Arnolds

The first experience in Riga East University Hospital with slowly resorbable biosynthetic mesh Phasix™ used in hernia repair surgery in patients with symptomatic hiatal hernia

Mārtinsone Katrīna Deja, Ivanovs Igors

Laparoscopic Heller myotomy with Dor fundoplication – upper gastrointestinal quality of life before and after the surgery

Lescinska Anna Marija, Udre Anna, Ivanovs Igors

Inguinal hernia transabdominal preperitoneal repair using Senhance robotic platform: first multicenter report from the TRUST registry

Samalavicius Narimantas Evaldas, Dulskas Audrius, Sirvys Artiomas, Klimasauskiene Vita, Janusonis Vinsas, Janusonis Tomas, Eismontas Vitalijus, Deduchovas Olegas, Willeke Frank, Stephan Dietmar, Darwich Ibrahim, Staib Ludger, Poth Clemens, Schilcher Florian, Slabadzin Yury, Kukharchuk Mikhail

Long-term outcomes and quality of life after inguinal hernioplasty p–Lichtenstein versus Transabdominal preperitoneal repair with self-gripping mesh

Grinovs Glebs, Ivanovs Igors

Urodynamics referral pathways: Are we over-investigating? An audit of the appropriateness of urodynamic investigation in NHS Tayside

Kamusella Anna, Harvey Sian

Usage of bilateral retromuscular rectus sheath block catheters for early postoperative analgesia after laparotomic gastrectomy

Opincāns Jānis, Ivanovs Igors, Rikmane Maija, Saļuka Olga, Mamaja Biruta


Session chair: Signe Mežinska  
11:30 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Organ procurement and donation in Latvia: is law reform needed? 

Ķiecis Edgars, Tumova Aija, Maļcevs Aleksandrs, Skride Andris

Constitutional law framework for building a human rights-based approach to mental health care in Latvia

Olsena Solvita

Defendants with intellectual disability in criminal proceedings – analysis of case law

Rakevichs Vadims, Losevich Marina, Olsena Solvita

Ability to understand or control actions as precondition for capacity assessment in health care

Kadile Laura

Pilot study of surgeons’ attitude towards patients’ right to refuse treatment

Kersnauskaite Dziugile, Krotova Jelizaveta, Cekanauskaite Asta

Ethically and socially responsible governance of research biobanks: evidence-based recommendations for stakeholders

Mežinska Signe, Kalēja Jekaterina, Mileiko Ilze, Pečulis Raitis, Rovīte Vita, Šantare Daiga, Tzivian Lilian        

Session chairs: Baiba Jansone, Immanuels Taivans

13:30 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

COX-LOX inhibition: current evidence for anti-inflammatory Vaccinium spp. berry extract properties in vitro

Rembergs Reinis, Jēkabsons Kaspars, Silavniece Marta, Namniece Jana1, Kļaviņš Linards, Kļaviņš Māris, Muceniece Ruta

Mitochondrial oxygen consumption and ROS emission demonstrated in a mouse model of ischemic stroke

Bahire Ksenija Lūcija, Maluhins Reinis, Makarovs Aleksandrs, Jelisejevs Ilja, Upite Jolanta, Jansone Baiba

The impact of Sigma 1 receptor on the adipogenesis and osteogenesis of mouse adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells

Kunrade Liga, Parfejevs Vadims, Vavers Edijs, Zvejniece Liga, Dambrova Maija, Riekstina Una

Target protein identification of MDA-MB-231 cell line selective aptamer

Pleiko Karlis, Teesalu Tambet, Riekstina Una

Individualised assessment of primary central nervous system lymphoma: the role of immunohistochemistry

Orvydaitė Monika, Chomanskis Žilvinas

Structural aspects of neuroimmune interactions in the intestinal mucosa

Markovs Jurijs, Galuza Agate, Krūmiņa Džanna, Krūmiņa Beata, Knipše Gundega

Role of IL-10 polymorphisms and IL-10 serum levels in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma carcinogenesis and impact on survival rate

Pašvenskaitė Agnė, Liutkevičienė Rasa, Gedvilaitė Greta, Vilkevičiūtė Alvita, Liutkevičius Vykintas, Uloza Virgilijus

Evaluation of biochemical and genetic parameters as potential biomarkers for multiple sclerosis

Borisovs Vitālijs, Bodrenko Jevgenijs, Ļeonova Elīna, Kalniņa Jolanta, Paramonova Natalia, Sjakste Nikolajs

Assessment of human sensitivity to cigarette smoke

Taivans Immanuels, Jurka Normunds, Strazda Gunta

Session chair: Mārcis Leja

13:30 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Association between CT and clinical parameters of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas

Lillā Kristiāna, Galbāliņa Una, Platkājis Ardis

Eosinophilic oesophagitis as an underlying cause of patients admitted with food bolus obstruction to Ear, Nose and Throat Department in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland in period 2016–2019

Misirovs Rašads, Majumdar Samit

Application of sensor breath analyser for non-invasive detection of gastric cancer

Anarkulova Linda, Mežmale Linda, Poļaka Inese, Rotberga Laura Rasa, Bhandari Manohar Prasad, Mitrovics Jan, Leja Mārcis

Findings from the surveillance upper endoscopies in patients with gastric mucosal dysplasia at the baseline

Rotberga Laura Rasa, Dzērve Zane, Bogdanova Inga, Isajevs Sergejs, Liepniece-Karele Inta, Kikuste Ilze, Vanags Aigars, Tolmanis Ivars, Polaka Inese, Piazuelo Maria Blanca, Park Jin Young, Leja Mārcis

Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with and without non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug therapy: patient profile and outcomes

Blūzma Marta, Šperberga Anete, Sīle Santa, Jakovļeva Kristīne, Straume Zane

Profiling of microRNAs and their isoforms in differentiated and undifferentiated colonic epithelial cells of patients with active and inactive ulcerative colitis

Inčiūraitė Rūta, Ramonaitė Rima, Juzėnas Simonas, Skiecevičienė Jurgita

TP53 and PIC3CA gene mutations as targets for circulating tumour DNA detection in colorectal and breast cancer patients

Pryvalova Anastasiia, Kostiuchenko Vitaliia, Vynnychenko Ihor, Vynnychenko Oleksandr, Moskalenko Yuliia

Non-invasive diagnosis of pancreatic fibrosis in chronic pancreatitis: a new approach

Lesko Konstantin, Varvanina Galina, Bordin Dmitry, Dubtsova Elena, Malykh Marina, Tyulyaeva Elena, Vinokurova Lyudmila

Clostridium difficile infection as a cause of severe outcomes in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Knyazev Oleg, Fadeeva Nina, Kagramanova Anna, Babayan Anait, Lishinskaya Albina, Zvyaglova Maria, Kulacov Dmitriy, Demchenko Alexandra, Zhulina Elena, Danilov Mihail, Dolgopyatov Igor, Parfenov Asfold

Long-term follow-up after faecal microbiome transplantation: results from consecutive case series

Urbonas Tadas, Ianiro Gianlucca, Gedgaudas Rolandas, Sabanas Povilas, Urba Mindaugas, Kiudelis Vytautas, Petkevičius Vytenis, Vitkauskiene Astra, Gasbarinni Antonio, Kupcinskas Juozas

Screening for celiac disease among gastroenterological patients

Bykova Svetlana, Sabelnikova Elena, Gudkova Raisa, Noskova Karina, Krums Larisa, Parfenov Asfold

The effect on physical and mental health with most common gastrointestinal tract symptoms using four-week course nutritional supplement with humic substances

Jurševska Beāte, Pokrotnieks Juris

Session chairs: Andrejs Ērglis

13:30 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Assessment of effect of chamomile (Matricaria recutita) flower extract on human endothelial cell proliferation

Jakobsons Ēriks, Ērglis Kristaps, Romanovska Beatrise Lūcija, Dortāne Rasma, Dzērve Vilnis, Ērglis Andrejs

Evaluation of technical design performance of bioreactor system

Jakobsons Ēriks, Ērglis Kristaps, Eihentāle Alma, Romanovska Beatrise Lūcija, Dortāne Rasma, Ērglis Andrejs

Validation of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction protocols of Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) berry residues, pulp and seeds

Ērglis Kristaps, Kalviņš Ivars, Jakobsons Ēriks, Dzērve Vilnis, Ērglis Mārtiņš, Romanovska Beatrise Lūcija, Skrūzmane Everita, Jēgere Sanda, Mintāle Iveta, Ērglis Andrejs

Phytosterols and fatty acids extracted from sea buckthorn seeds can serve as a means for cardiovascular disease prevention

Kristaps Ērglis, Vilnis Dzērve, Sanda Jēgere, Iveta Mintāle, Ivars Kalviņš, Ēriks Jakobsons, Mārtiņš Ērglis, Beatrise Lūcija Romanovska, Everita Skrūzmane, Andrejs Ērglis

Incidence of acute and chronic complications in patients with pancreatogenic, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Šenterjakova Nataļja, Pīrāgs Valdis

Hypoglycaemia and its association with metabolic compensation in patients with type I diabetes mellitus, preliminary data

Ivanova Santa, Ducena Kristīne

Assessing quality of life in type 1 diabetes and type 1 diabetes-associated autoimmune diseases

Luganceva Anastasija, Rumba-Rozenfelde Ingrida

Retrospective analysis on the efficacy of GLP-1 receptor agonists in outpatient clinic

Aleksejeva Marija, Sauša Sintija

Risk factor analysis for lower extremity amputation in diabetic and non-diabetic patients

Sauša Sintija, Feldmane Paula, Ozola Jana, Gedroviča Jūlija, Klemence Evita Annamarija, Aleksejeva Marija, Trapiņa Ilva, Jezupovs Arnolds

Telomere length and serum proteasome concentration in patients with type 1 diabetes and different severity of diabetic retinopathy in Latvia and Lithuania

Svikle Zane, Tiščuka Angelina, Voitoviča Līga, Pahirko Leonora, Baumane Kristīne, Kardonaitė Deimantė, Kazokaite Mintaute, Radzeviciene Lina, Daugintyte-Petrusiene Laura, Balciuniene Jurate, Verskauskiene Rasa, Sokolovska Jelizaveta

Session chair: Aleksejs Miščuks  
14:00 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Outpatient behaviour characteristics in regional hospital endoscopy department

Ribcova Veronika, Vītola-Rabāce

Analgesia Nociception Index potential use for chronic shoulder pain detection

Zande Sabine, Golubovska Iveta, Miscuks Aleksejs

Safety and effectiveness of different spinal morphine doses for postoperative analgesia after primary hip replacement

Vītola Eva, Golubovska Iveta, Čerņavska Inta, Miščuks Aleksejs

Prehospital care of paediatric burn patients in 2015–2018

Bišofa Agnese, Kolbergs Jānis

Delirium in patients with myocardial infarction in the cardiovascular intensive care unit setting: occurrence and prognosis

Kersnauskaite Dziugile, Kirtiklyte Rusne, Navickas Petras, Serpytis Pranas, Navickas Alvydas

Bedside multimodal somatosensory testing for prediction of positive treatment effect after transforaminal epidural steroid injection in patients with lumbosacral radicular pain

Vaitkus Alfredas, Šipylaitė Jūratė

A new add-on device for treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia

Bliznuks Dmitrijs, Kistkins Svjatoslavs, Telicko Jevgenijs, Geza Vadims, Svaza Artis, Taivans Immanuels, Pirags Valdis

Primary healhcare practitioners’ knowledge and beliefs in pain management with opioid medications Aleksejeva Jelizaveta, Nicmane-Aispure Alise
Session chairs: Una Riekstiņa, Nikolajs Sjakste
15:45 Canadian Medical Support to Deployed Operations Major Danielle Stacey BScPharm, PharmD CTH©,
Pharmacy Officer, Op REASSURANCE Enhanced Forward Presence Latvia
16:05 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Protein quantification in green microalgae Monoraphidium griffithii biomass using Lowry and Bradford methods

Judickaitė Augustė, Savickienė Nijolė, Balčiūnaitė-Murzienė Gabrielė, Koreiviene Judita

Human organoid model to study the role of peripheral nervous system in pancreatic cancer

Parfejevs Vadims, Goluba Karina, Kunrade Līga, Pleiko Kārlis, Jēkabsons Kaspars, Vilmanis Jānis, Pavārs Māris, Riekstiņa Una

Antimicrobial effect of Latvian polyherbal formulation in combination with essential oils

Zvaigzne Agnese, Gurina Olga, Zandersone Baiba, Tračevska Diana, Tračevska Tatjana

Towards safe medication use among geriatric patients: a combined tool for identification of potential drug-related problems

Bobrova Veera, Fialová Daniela, Desselle Shane, Heinämäki Jyrki, Volmer Daisy

Evaluation of hematopoietic progenitor cells potential in patients with myeloproliferative diseases in vitro

Pakharenko Marharyta, Bilko Denis

Investigation of genetic variants of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in Latvian population

Leonova Elina, Paramonova Natalia, Rumba-Rozenfelde Ingrīda, Trapiņa Ilva, Bebre-Putka Valda, Lielause Gerda, Sjakste Nikolajs

A fifteen-year prospective audit of LASIK outcomes for myopia patients

Gertnere Jana, Jansone-Langina Zane, Bogdanova Lasma, Solomatin Andrei, Solomatins Maksims, Solomatins Igors

Measurement of total antioxidant activity of tear and serum samples of the patients with hypertensive retinopathy

Pavlovschi Ecaterina, Pantea Valeriana, Tagadiuc Olga

Evaluating the immuno-expression patterns of HHV-6 and CD68 in Substantia Nigra in the background of excessive alcohol use: a histo-pathological analysis

Jain Nityanand, Skuja Sandra

Session chair: Māris Bukovskis

15:45 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Prognostic clinical indicators of COVID-19 pneumonia

Nurgalieva Bayan, Zantuova Gulnara, Tairov Azat

COVID-19 pneumonia in elderly patients

Nurgalieva Bayan, Zantuova Gulnara, Didalbek Turar

Application of whole-genome sequencing in studying cases of prolonged and recurrent tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing (SIT1) genotype

Sadovska Darja, Pole Ilva, Vīksna Anda, Ozere Iveta, Ķimsis Jānis, Norvaiša Inga, Ranka Renāte

Bloodstream infections in multidisciplinary teaching hospital in Latvia: characteristics, outcomes and utility for sepsis surveillance

Pučeta Laura, Dumpis Uga

Can SARS-CoV-2 infection induced liver damage be assessed and quantified using advanced ultrasound methods?

Radziņa Maija, Platkājis Ardis, Mičena Arta, Putriņš Dāvis Sīmanis, Vanaga Ieva, Koļesova Oksana, Vīksna Ludmila

Detection of antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae strains

Vidomska Dagnija, Līduma Iveta

Hereditary angioedema in Latvia and Lithuania

Kanepa Adine, Malinauskiene Laura, Sitkauskiene Brigita, Bajoriuniene Ieva, Purina Signe, Lozovskis Verners, Milta Sandra, Kurjane Natalja

Diagnostic challenges in patients with suspicions for primary immunodeficiencies in Latvia

Natalja Kurjāne, Ieva Mičule, Madara Kreile, Ieva Grīnfelde, Daiga Mūrmane, Inga Nartiša, Dmitrijs Rots, Linda Gailīte, Gita Tauriņa

Analysis of the hospitalized patients with systemic sclerosis in Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital Rheumatology department during 2017-2020

Ivanova Kristine, Rubins Pauls, Bulina Inita, Zepa Jūlija, Miķēna Santa, Andersone Daina, Kurjane Natalja

Itch in psoriasis and its contributing factors

Pleša Demija, Trone Vita, Ķīsis Jānis

Prevalence and dermatoscopic features of non-infectious balanitis

Aleksejs Zavorins, Jānis Ķīsis, Kristīne Nevidovska, Jūlija Voicehovska

Session chairs: Lilian Tzivian, Juris Bārzdiņš  
16:00 Data-driven activities towards disease prevention and population proactive engagement in public health

Emil Syundyukov
LU Digital Health laboratory (DF LAB), Latvia

16:20 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Prescribed dose assumption in evaluation of medication adherence and persistence from administrative data: a study of myocardial infarction patients

Luguzis Artis, Bārzdiņš Juris

Smoking initiation among young adults, teens, grade-schoolers – one of the main public health challenges in Latvia

Bajare Iveta, Apinis Peteris, Dzerve Vilnis, Jegere Sanda, Caksa Anda, Barzdins Juris, Luguzis Artis, Erglis Andrejs

Analysis of Latvian cancer care infrastructure in relation to criteria established in European Union

Grakova Valērija, Kokina Olīvija, Eglītis Jānis, Leja Mārcis

Actual body size and body size perception using Stunkard’s scale in elderly people from Lithuania

Višinskytė Emilija, Vaičiulytė Ugnė, Valčiukaitė Rolanda, Tutkuvienė Janina

Drowning associated risk groups in a five-year time period in Riga and Riga planning region: gender and alcohol concentration in blood

Stepiņa Evelīna, Riekstiņa Marta, Zaborovskis Vladislavs

Factors influencing willingness to pay for compulsory social health insurance among informal sector workers in Oskemen city of Kazakhstan

Daniyarova Gulnur, Tae Hyun Kim

First-time diagnosed with diabetes within hospitalised for acute myocardial infarction: administrative data analysis

Maurina Inese, Barzdins Juris, Tzivian Lilian

Component analysis of changes in incidence of lungs cancer in Kazakhstan

Gani Bayan, Kenzhebekova Shyryn, Igissinov Nurbek

The prevalence and risk factors of Staphylococcus aureus carriage in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Monika Vitkauskaitė, Karolina Žvinytė, Laurynas Rimševičius, Agnė Kirkliauskienė

Corpus uteri cancer in Kazakhstan: component analysis of incidence dynamics

Telmanova Zhansaya, Igissinova Gulnur, Igissinov Nurbek


Session chair: Jeļizaveta Sokolovska
11:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Structural changes in retina after cataract surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using optical coherence tomography angiography

Ullase Lelde, Laganovska Guna, Tzivian Lilian

Comorbidity in type 2 diabetes in persons exposed to ionizing radiation

Sarkulova Saule M., Urazalina Dinara A., Shakhmetov Serik S., Abay Guldana A., Nurakhmetov Serik K.

Assessing the impact of supervised interval training on cardiovascular autonomic status in type 2 diabetes patients

Stirāne Laura, Stirāns Kārlis, Pahirko Leonora, Mednieks Jānis, Borisāne Santa, Sokolovska Jeļizaveta

Therapeutic opportunities to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women aged 20 to 30 years

Fišere Sabīne, Tiltiņa Lelde, Pudāne Ieva Terēze, Puķīte Margarita

Prevalence of menstrual migraine in Latvia among women aged 20 to 35 years

Tiltiņa Lelde, Pudāne Ieva Terēze, Fišere Sabīne, Puķīte Margarita

Tick-borne encephalitis in children treated in Kaunas Hospital during 2012–2019

Liolytė Karolina, Gudavičiūtė Gerda, Šeškutė Milda

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus in saliva samples: lateral flow immunoassay prototype development

Kivrāne Agnija, Igumnova Viktorija, Liepiņa Elza Elizabete, Skrastiņa Dace, Ranka Renāte

Characteristics of patients with hepatitis C and distribution of viral genotypes in Lithuania

Čiupkevičienė Eglė, Šumskienė Jolanta, Kupčinskas Limas

Correlation between the production of specific antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi and particular HLA genotypes

Kovalchuka Lilija, Eglite Jelena, Krumina Angelika

Loss of sensation and symptoms of varicose veins related neuropathy: what does the evidence say?

Simonavičiūtė Kotryna, Žukauskaitė Irena, Kabašinskaitė Eglė, Borodičaitė Neringa, Norkus Antanas, Strupinskienė Vaiva, Pečeliūnienė Jūratė

Diagnostic purpose of bronchoalveolar lavage cell differential count

Jēkabsone Solveiga, Kravale Zaiga

Material quality of bronchoalveolar lavage

Jēkabsone Solveiga, Kravale Zaiga

Outcomes of strabismus surgery in case of congenital and acquired esotropia and exotropia

Semaka Svetlana, Valeiņa Sandra, Laganovska Guna

Session chairs: Lilian Tzivian, Juris Bārzdiņš  

13:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Association of alcohol consumption level changes in general population with occupation during Covid-19 pandemic in Latvia

Sakels Nikita, Kuzmina Kamila, Lazdane Gunta, Petrosina Eva

Ranking of medical universities in Kazakhstan as a tool of stimulating scientific activity

Umbetzhanova Ayagyoz, Koikov Vitaliy, Derbissalina Gulmira

Control and surveillance health problems during training in military environment

Pļaviņa Liāna, Čakstiņa Silva, Čakstiņš Andris

Effectiveness of biocide in daily disinfection and its impact on hands skin

Viktorov Vadim, Romanova Anna, Ažiņa Inga

Association of physical activity with metabolic syndrome and its components in Lithuanian urban population

Jasiukaitienė Vilma, Lukšienė Dalia, Tamošiūnas Abdonas, Radišauskas Ričardas, Bobak Martin

Correlation between COVID-19 extraordinary measures issued by Czech government and practical implementation at an oncology healthcare facility

Sapoznikov Olga, Sedo Jiri, Kazda Tomas, Grell Peter, Kopecka Barbora, Dvorsky Jiri, Kiss Igor, Mala Tereza, Zdrazilova-Dubska Lenka, Muller Petr, Slama Ondre, Svoboda Marek

Analysis of risk factors for multiantibiotic-resistant infections among Ukrainian patients at a children’s hospital

Konieva Anastasiia, Berhilevych Oleksandra, Chumachenko Yaroslav, Kramar Svitlana

Development of population-based cancer registry model in Uzbekistan: opportunities and challenges

Bozorov Bekzod, Djanklich Sayde, Berkinov Alisher, Imamov Olimjon

Analysis of emergency medical care calls of Nur-Sultan polyclinics population

Ganzhula Yulia, Urazova Saltanat, Ashirmatova Issida, Alzhanova Kulyash

Computer-related work and physical activity at home environment in university students during pandemic

Strukcinskiene Birute, Strukcinskaite Vaiva, Strazdiene Neringa

Perception of patient safety climate in Latvian healthcare personnel: the effect of patient safety training

Andzane Evija, Folkmanis Valdis, Barzdins Juris, Tzivian Lilian

Cartogram of Down syndrome incidence in Kazakhstan

Yerlankyzy Moldir, Bilyalova Zarina, Igissinov Nurbek,

Cartogram of heart attack incidence in Kazakhstan

Kenzhebekova Shyryn, Kydyrbayev Askat, Saltanat Urazova, Igissinov Nurbek

Changes in indicators of ovarian cancer in Kazakhstan

Telmanova Zhansaya, Igissinova Gulnur, Igissinov Nurbek

Tendency of ovarian cancer morbidity and mortality in Uzbekistan according to the cancer registry system

Djanklich Sayde, Berkinov Alisher, Imamov Olimjon

On incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Kazakhstan

Zhadykova Yerkezhan, Urazova Saltanat, Igissinov Nurbek

Seasonal and climatic variations in mortality in ischemic heart disease

Seisembekov Telman, Zhusupova Gulnara, Bolatov Aidos, Smailova Galiya, Zagorulya Natalya, Kubekova Saule

Retrospective epidemiological analysis of incidence of Congo-Crimean fever 2009–2018 in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Baikenjeeva Raushan, Aralbay Aigerim, Oryngaliev Nurdos

Regional aspects of incidence diseases of pancreas in Kazakhstan

Abzhamiyev Yerkin, Zhadykova Yerkezhan, Igissinov Nurbek

Cerebrovascular mortality in seasonal and climatic conditions of Shymkent and Nur-Sultan cities

Kauyzbay Zhumaly, Seisembekov Telman, Seidakhmetova Aizat, Samchenko Igor

Cartogram of peptic ulcer disease of stomach and duodenum incidence in Kazakhstan

Akyshev Olzhas, Zhadykova Yerkezhan, Kozhakhmetov Saken, Igissinov Nurbek

Regional trends of varicose veins incidence in Kazakhstan

Kenzhebekova Shyryn, Nurtazinova Gaukhar, Kozhakhmetov Saken, Igissinov Nurbek

Cartogram of the incidence of Parkinson's disease in Kazakhstan

Yerlankyzy Moldir, Valiyeva Kamila, Zhiyenbaikyzy Aigerim, Kulmirzayeva Dariyana, Igissinov Nurbek

30-day mortality after myocardial infarction in men with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Latvia

Baltāne Zane, Tzivian Lilian, Erts Renārs, Bārzdiņš Juris

Inpatient incidence of intracranial injury in Kazakhstan: spatial assessment

Akhmetov Kanat, Akshulakov Serik, Igissinov Nurbek

Crohn's disease prevalence in Kazakhstan

Turebayev Dulat, Telmanova Zhansaya, Igissinov Nurbek

Prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis in oncocytological smears collected from Latvian women of different age groups in 2020

Basoka Anastasija, Anikejeva Sandra

Session chairs: Inta Zīle, Marina Loseviča  
13:30 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Beliefs about influence of psychological factors on the recovery from lower back pain

Aleksejeva Jelizaveta, Logina Ināra

Childhood risk factors for substance abuse in a clinical sample of adult outpatients in Riga Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine Centre

Laizāne Marta, Ennītis Mārtiņš, Bezborodovs Ņikita, Landsmane Inga

Communication between physiotherapist and patient with chronic pain – qualitative analysis

Rozenbergs Didzis, Sedlenieks Klāvs

Emotional state of first-year medical students and contributing social factors

Akavickas Justas, Matuzaitė Augustė, Rutkauskas Vilius

Assessment and analysis of psychological abuse in the information technology (IT) sector

Barkovska Agata, Stanislavovienė Jelena

Actions of healthcare workers in cases of violence and the impact of violence on their quality of life and workplace experience in Rokiskis mental institutions

Skvarnavičiūtė Agnė, Martinėlytė Dominyka, Burba Benjaminas

Latvian translation and adaptation for ASRS v1.1. symptoms checklist

Ennītis Mārtiņš, Laizāne Marta, Bezborodovs Ņikita, Landsmane Inga

One-item self-assessment tool for screening of depression in cardiovascular patients

Seimane Sandra, Erts Renārs, Latkovskis Gustavs

Can depression, anxiety, chronic pain or health state lead to suspect self-care maintenance problems in multimorbid patients?

Sedleckaitė Kotryna, Simonavičiūtė Kotryna, Gailiūtė Ieva, Simanauskas Kazys, Vencevičienė Lina

Cognitive failures in everyday life: how to prevent them?

Žukauskaitė Irena, Dovydėnas Vidmantas, Pečeliūnienė Jūratė

Psychological correlates of COVID-19-related fear among medical students

Bolatov Aidos, Seisembekov Telman, Askarova Altynay, Kakhkharova Dilnoza

Mental health and occupational safety of seafarers

Divari Paschalia, Bartuseviciene Inga

Session chair: Ilva Daugule  
14:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

The comparison of diagnostic reference levels for paediatric CT examinations

Šiukšterytė Monika, Gricienė Birutė

Assessment of exposure from paediatric head CT procedures

Šiukšterytė Monika, Gricienė Birutė

Phenotypes and baseline risk factors of acute kidney injury in children after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Daraskevicius Justinas, Azukaitis Karolis, Dziugeviciute-Tupko Justina, Peciulyte Milda, Planciunaite Ruta, Vaitkeviciene Goda, Rascon Jelena,Jankauskiene Augustina

Significance of urinary Aminopeptidase N in early diagnosis of kidney damage in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Vikhrova  Iryna, Loboda Andrii

Causes of impaired heat balance in children in the postnatal period at home

Alzhanova Kulyash, Urazova Saltanat, Amanbaeva Nazym, Kwon Eleonora

Attitude of physicians to sleep medicine and sleep disorders in paediatric patients

Kusiņa Raita, Celmiņa Marta, Daugule Ilva, Brante Paula

Session chair:   
15:45 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Gallstone disease in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: metabolic risks

Livzan Maria, Krolevets Tatyana, Cherkashchenko Natalia, Chebanenko Yevgeny

Role of anxiety and depression in formation of gastrointestinal symptoms and eating behaviour disorders among students (according to survey results)

Gaus Olga, Livzan Maria, Turchaninov Denis, Ivanova Tatiana, Popello Daria

Effect of the cytoprotector rebamipide on the activity of enzymes of the small intestine mucosa in patients with impaired membrane digestion

Baulo Elena, Bakharev Sergey, Bykova Svetlana, Dbar Saria, Indeykina Lilia, Viaznikova Alina, Sabelnikova Elena, Parfenov Аsvold, Belostotsky Nicolay

Dynamics of colorectal cancer indicators in Kazakhstan

Sakhanov Sauirbay, Zhadykova Yerkezhan, Turebayev Dulat, Igissinov Nurbek

Comparison of endoscopic data, clinical symptoms and risk factors in Gastroesophageal reflux disease and Barrett’s esophagus

Aleksīna Nora, Puķītis Aldis

Pancreatic cancer indicator changes in Kazakhstan

Kuandykov Yerlan, Sakhanov Sauirbay, Igissinov Nurbek

Body muscle mass association with Chrohn’s disease activity

Urbane Monta, Zalizko Polina, Roshofa Tereze Hermine, Mokricka Viktorija, Meija Laila, Bodnieks Edgars, Pukitis Aldis

Carbohydrase activity of duodenum mucosa in adult celiac disease patients

Akhmadullina Olga, Belostotsky Nikolay, Bykova Svetlana, Sabelnikova Elena, Parfenov Asfold, Dbar Saria, Makarova Alina, Bakharev Sergey, Baulo Elena, Indeykina Liliya

The impact of regulatory molecules of hepato-biliary synthesis of bile acids on developing diarrhoea after cholecystectomy

Indeykina Lilia, Sabelnikova Elena, Varvanina Galina, Silvestrova Svetlana, Smirnova Аnna, Krums Larisa, Viaznikova Alina, Dbar Saria, Parfenov Аsvold

Visceral hypersensitivity correction in patients with severe irritable bowel syndrome

Viaznikova Alina, Ruchkina Irina, Indeykina Lilia, Bykova Svetlana, Akhmadullina Olga1, Dbar Saria, Baulo Elena, Bakharev Sergey, Parfenov Аsvold

Predisposition of inflammatory bowel disease in menopausal and postmenopausal women

Kovtanyuk Svetlana, Tatarova Darja, Ikauniece Linda, Šantare Daiga

Hepatocellular carcinoma in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Gastroenterology Department in Kaunas

Morkūnas Egidijus, Kupčinskas Juozas

Frequency of hereditary and acquired thromboembolic complications in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases in Moscow

Lishchinskaya Albina, Knyazev Oleg, Kagramanova Anna, Veselov Aleksey,  Shkurko Tatyana, Parfenov Asfoldf

Disaccharidase deficiency can cause the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Dbar Saria, Sabelnikova Elena, Parfenov Аsfold, Akhmadulina Olga, Belostotsky Nikolay, Bykova Sveta, Bakharev Sergey, Baulo Elena, Indeykina Liliya, Babanova Alexandra, Makarova Alina

Possibilities of acoustic myography for assessing functional condition of lower esophageal sphincter

Shcherbynina Maryna, Hladun Victoriya, Sarana Vladimir

Reasons for refusing further endoscopic surveillance in patients with diagnosed precancerous gastric lesions

Rotberga Laura Rasa, Kikuste Ilze, Anarkulova Lind, Polaka Inese, Parshutin Sergei, Daugule Ilva, Park Jin Young, Leja Marcis

The role of capsule endoscopy in diagnosis of celiac disease

Akopova Anna, Parfenov Asfold

COVID-19: changes in IL-10 and faecal markers in patients with IBD

Babayeva Gulustan Hamid, Mammadov Emin Elkhan, Makhmudov Umud Rafail, Samedova Тunzale Аmil

Evaluation of the dietary habits of Jēkabpils inhabitants regarding adherence to Nordic diet recommendations

Šantare Daiga, Sondore Liene, Poļaka Inese, Paršutins Sergejs, Kojalo Ilona, Daugule Ilva, Jurkevica Ineta, Cīrule-Dambe Lelde, Leja Mārcis

Analysis of blood microbiome in patients with gastric cancer

Nikitina Darja, Gedgaudas Rolandas, Kupčinskas Juozas, Kupčinskas Limas, Skiecevičiene Jurgita

Study of the structural changes’ dynamics in the patients with a Helicobacter pylori-related gastritis

Junussova Dilara, Urazova Saltanat

Role of combined probiotic in treatment of lactase deficiency in adult population

Ruchkina Irina, Fadeeva Nina, Parfenov Asfold, Scherbakov Peter, Knyazev Oleg




Session chairs: Ina Mežiņa-Mamajeva, Igors Ivanovs  
12:00 Oral presentations
(each presentation = 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion)

Quality of life for patients with chronic noncommunicable disease

Batarbekova Sholpan, Zhunussova Dinara, Derbissalina Gulmira

Influence of the type of attitude towards disease in course of diabetes

Batarbekova Sholpan, Zhunussova Dinara, Derbissalina Gulmira

Quality of sleep of nurses during fight against COVID-19

Belyatko Alexandra, Batarbekova Sholpan, Derbissalina Gulmira

Necessity to amend Article No 43 of the Code of Civil Procedure to ensure patients’ rights of exceptions to general provisions regarding court expenses

Osis Martins

Psychological well-being of patients in the intensive care unit

Bitjukova Lāsma, Vīksna Laura, Gulbe Dagnija

Performance of nursing staff in taking care of children with a congenital heart defect

Gierasimovič Zita, Skunčikienė Dalia

Risk factors influencing hand skin damage

Grinčenko Anastasija, Gierasimovič Zita

Evaluation of patients' quality of life aspects after cardiac pacemaker implantation

Mikaliūkštienė Aldona, Tijūnelienė Irena, Gierasimovič Zita

Type 2 diabetes and quality of life

Novikova Ana, Mikaliūkštienė Aldona

Patients’ opinion on the most frequent factors affecting quality of primary care

Mikaliūkštienė Aldona, Jerdiakova Natalja, Rabkovskaja Julija


Session chair: Patrīcija Ivanova
10:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Gallstone disease: the cause of acute intestinal obstruction

Chakhvadze Besarion, Fedotova Elena

Analysis of Trifocal IOL implantation in Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Solomatins Andrejs, Solomatins Igors

The effect of the degree of compensation for type 2 diabetes on visual acuity and central retinal thickness in patients after cataract surgery

Tjurins Maksims, Baumane Kristīne

The histopathological features of breast radial scar and adenosis stratified according to BI-RADS-3: a pilot study

Zablocka Tatjana, Kregere Viktorija, Engele Ilze, Pure Santa, Asere Evija,  Isajevs Sergejs

Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopy in the evaluation of shoulder pathology in patients with chronic shoulder pain

Jaunozola Dace, Līkums Pēteris

Clinical experience with microwave ablation of kidney lesions in Santaros clinics

Ledas Giedrius, Makevicius Jurijus, Kucinskis Genadijus, Zelvys Arunas, Miglinas Marius, Jankevicius Feliksas

Prediction of chronic kidney disease after partial nephrectomy using preoperative estimated glomerular filtration rate and acute kidney injury criteria

Ledas Giedrius, Makevicius Jurijus, Zeimyte Roberta, Ulys Albertas, Miglinas Marius, Jankevicius Feliksas

Intraocular pressure changes after the intravitreal antivascular endothelial growth factor therapy

Vaitovica Liga, Briede Eliza, Baumane Kristine

First experience of postoperative MRI following arthroscopic primary anterior cruciate ligament repair in Latvia

Aniņa Agnese, Jaudzema Aija, Visams Rafaels

Session chairs: Zane Dzirkale, Elīna Ļeonova
10:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Analysis of insomnia and remedies used to reduce it in the elderly

Žemaitytė Kornelija, Minkutė Rima

Peganum harmala alkaloids positively affecting pain

Nasibova Tohfa, Garaev Eldar

Deficient hippocampal neurogenesis and cortical angiogenesis in the chronic stages of ischemic stroke

Kurtukova Vladislava, Piļipenko Vladimirs, Rožkalne Rebeka, Jeļisejevs Iļja, Jansone Baiba

Increased microglial activation in the chronic stages of experimental ischemic stroke

Piļipenko Vladimirs, Rožkalne Rebeka, Jeļisejevs Iļja, Auders Jānis, Jansone Baiba

Evaluation of the applicability of computer microtomography to study the internal structure of tablets containing trazodone hydrochloride. Safety of tablet subdivision

Kuśnierz Piotr, Sarecka-Hujar Beata, Duda Piotr, Wilczyński Sławomir

Exploring the possibilities of implementing the Medication Use Review service in Eastern Europe and Iran

Tuula Anita, Volmer Daisy, Jõhvik Liisa, Rutkovska Ieva, Poplavska Elita, Trečiokienė Indre, Merks Piotr, Waszyk-Nowaczyk Magdalena, Drozd Mariola, Tatarević Alena, Radovanlija Maja, Pacadi Carmen, Meštrović Arijana, Viola Réka, Soós Gyöngyvér, Rais Cristina, Táerel Adriana-Elena, Kuželová Magdalena, Zare Marziyeh, Peymani Payam

Do elderberry and elderflower extracts inhibit binding of SARS-CoV2 S1 protein receptor binding domain to cellular receptor ACE2 in vitro?

Boroduske Anete, Jekabsons Kaspars, Riekstina Una, Muceniece Ruta, Rostoks Nils, Nakurte Ilva

Extraction of biologically active substances from Lithuanian balsam poplar buds and research of their quality and antioxidant activity

Stančiauskaitė Monika, Ramanauskienė Kristina, Marksa Mindaugas, Ivanauskas Liudas, Liaudanskas Mindaugas

Study of herbal product use during pregnancy in Lithuania

Matulevičiūtė Ieva, Minkutė Rima

The Synergistic Cytotoxic Effects of Combination Chlorophyllides and Doxorubicin

Hsiang Yi-Ping, Huang Keng-Shiang, Wang Yi-Ting, Huang Ting-Yu, Tai Mi-Hsueh, Yang Chih-Hui, Shaw Jei-Fu

Correlation of severity of atopic dermatitis with blood and urine laboratory data

Rubins Silvestrs, Romanova Anna, Rubins Andris

Metagenome analysis of archaeological teeth samples from Latvian Iron Age, 8th–11th centuries AD

Ķimsis Jānis, Kazarina Alisa, Gerhards Guntis, Ranka Renāte

Diversity and antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus sp. isolates on the facial skin of healthy volunteers

Raiviča Elvira, Volgina Marija, Jemeļjanovs Vadims, Staņa Justīne, Medniece Elīna, Līduma Iveta

Ultrastructural changes of the thymus' hemocapillares in the condition of mild general dehydration

Prykhodko Olha, Dmytruk Serhii, Bumeister Valentyna, Yarmolenko Olha, Avilova Olga

Investigation of microbial contamination of soft contact lenses and their care accessories among asymptomatic users

Belousova Viktorija, Vosyliūtė Rūta, Kapačinskaitė Medeinė, Kirkliauskienė Agnė

Positive allosteric modulator of sigma-1 receptor E1R alleviates generalised and chronic seizure severity

Zvejniece Baiba, Stelfa Gundega, Svalbe Baiba, Vavers Edijs, Zvejniece Liga, Dambrova Maija

The role of S. Enteritidis in the structure of microbiological monitoring in epidemiological surveillance system

Baimuratova Mairash, Abdul Basit Ateel, Tugulbayeva Aliya, Jumatova Ulbossyn, Tiesova-Berdalina Raushan, Jumabekova Balausa

The effect of colour on the perception of sweetness in non-alcoholic beverages and its potential applications in healthcare

Keiša Laura, Šķilters Jurģis, Auders Jānis, Vintiša Agnija, Zaremba Anna, Zariņa Līga

  Viktorija IvanovaViktorija Galaktionova
Session chair: Iveta Mintāle
11:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

The impact of the left atrium appendage volume and morphology found in computed tomography on characteristics of P wave morphology in electrocardiogram

Verhovceva Viktorija, Zvaigzne Ligita, Apsīte Ketija, Labuce Anna, Jubele Kristīne, Kalējs Oskars

Survival of patients after myocardial revascularization for coronary heart disease

Almukhanova Ayzhan, Anartaev Saken, Pivtsova Ann, Kerimkulov Darkhan

The role of intraoperative 2D foot perfusion during percutaneous infrainguinal angioplasty in patients with critical limb ischemia

Kratovska Aina, Zdanovskis Nauris, Zaiceva Veronika, Ponomarjova Sanita, Ivanova Patrīcija

The role of Transcranial Doppler sonography for neuromonitoring in cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass

Mackevics Davis, Leibuss Roberts, Oss Elvijs, Kalejs Martins, Strike Eva, Stradins Peteris,

Evaluation of STEMI caused by the atherosclerotic disorder of the specific coronary artery

Rėkus Algirdas, Jaruševičius Gediminas, Aldujeli Ali

Platelet activity and its correlation with inflammation and cell count readings in chronic heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction

Mongirdienė Aušra, Laukaitienė Jolanta, Skipskis Vilius

The difference of complete blood count, inflammation and platelet readings in chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction patients according to neutrophil count

Mongirdienė Aušra, Laukaitienė Jolanta, Skipskis Vilius

Correlations between plasma cortisol levels and changes in local earth magnetic fields during acute myocardial infarction

Braukylienė Rima, Aldujeli Ali, Maciulevičius Laurynas, Petrokas Osvaldas, Zapustas Norvydas, Jurenas Martynas, Unikas Ramunas, Pranculis Andrius, Žiubrytė Greta, Smalinskas Vilmantas, Jaruševičius Gediminas, Vainoras Alfonsas, Simonyte Sandrita, Žaliaduonytė Diana

The most common risk factors for deep vein thrombosis in female population

Tatarova Darja, Ivanova Patrīcija

Relation between dyslipidaemia and in-hospital complications of STEMI patients

Rėkus Algirdas, Gediminas Jaruševičius

Session chair: Sergejs Januškevičs, Normunds Sūna
11:00 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

The rate of subjective cognitive complaints and relationship with chronic diseases in middle-aged females

Dovydėnas Vidmantas, Žukauskaitė Irena, Pečeliūnienė Jūratė

Genotype – phenotype associations in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Setlere Signe, Millere Elina, Kupats Einars, Rots Dmitrijs, Mičule Ieva, Gailite Linda, Kenina Viktorija

Sympathetic skin response in Kennedy disease patients

Milta Sandra, Millere Elina, Rots Dmitrijs, Taurina Gita, Gailite Linda, Kenina Viktorija

A newly characterized HPDL-associated neurodegenerative disease: two cases representing the variability of clinical spectrum

Micule Ieva, Lace Baiba, Strautmanis Jurgis, Diriks Mikus, Stavusis Janis, Zdanovica Anna, Laflamme Nathalie, Rioux Nadie, Thonta Setty Samarth, Droit Arnaud, Chrestian Nicolas, Rivest Serge, Pajusalu Sander, Lek Monkol, Inashkina Inna

Blood serum HER2 as predictive marker for treatment effect assessment in patients with breast cancer undergoing neoadjuvant systemic treatment

Pavlova Jelizaveta, Fjodorova Marija, Hasnere Sigita, Purkalne Gunta,

I125 low-dose-rate brachytherapy in localized prostate cancer: preliminary results after 4 years

Ledas Giedrius, Makevicius Jurijus, Rimas Audrius, Sniureviciute Milda, Zeimyte Roberta

Evaluation of HER-2 serum concentration in breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Fjodorova Marija, Pavlova Jeļizaveta, Hasnere Sigita

Influencing factors that contribute to bone metastasis in breast cancer patients

Griezīte Anna, Hasnere Sigita, Gūtmane Sindija, Mackēvičs Dāvis, Matuzala Alise

Effectiveness of breast cancer screening in women: case of Latvia 

Djatkovičs Anrijs, Porietis Jānis, Eglītis Jānis

Session chairs: Jana Namniece, Agate Galuza
12:15 E-poster presentations
(each presentation = 4 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion)

Amorphous calcium phosphate stimulates osteogenesis from bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells

Riekstiņa Una, Gross Kārlis Agris, Kunrade Līga, Ūbele Dārta, Parfejevs Vadims

Impaired neuronal myelination occurs two months after ischemic stroke induction in mice

Rožkalne Rebeka, Piļipenko Vladimirs, Jeļisejevs Iļja, Jansone Baiba

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using extract of common wormwood and hop fins, characterization and antimicrobial activity

Balčiūnaitienė Aistė, Viškelis Pranas, Viškelis Jonas, Liaudanskas Mindaugas

The role of pituitary gland hormones in electrolyte imbalance in model of isolated porcine kidneys perfused with modified preservation solution

Ostróżka-Cieślik Aneta, Dolińska Barbara, Ryszka Florian

The effects of Cannabis sativa L. extract on antioxidant status in mice blood and organs

Sadauskiene Ilona, Kubiliene Asta, Mickute Karolina, Baranauskaite Juste, Liekis Arunas

Formulation and characterization of hard gelatine capsule with apple lyophilizate

Butkevičiūtė Aurita, Liaudanskas Mindaugas, Ramanauskienė Kristina, Janulis Valdimaras

Evaluation of the usefulness of computer microtomography for the analysis of subdivided prolonged release tablets containing carbamazepine

Meisner Michał, Sarecka-Hujar Beata, Duda Piotr, Wilczyński Sławomir

Influence of the sodium alginate’s concentration on the quality parameters of nutmeg essential oil-loaded microcapsules

Matulytė Inga, Kasparavičienė Giedrė, Bernatonienė Jurga

Antioxidant activity of phenolic fractions from Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. leaves

Vilkickyte Gabriele, Raudone Lina

Quantification of isoflavones aglycones in the late harvest aerial parts of Trifolium pratense L. using different hydrolysis methods

Kazlauskaitė Jurga Andrėja, Marksa Mindaugas, Bernatonienė Jurga

On the issues of acquiring knowledge in fundamental sciences in medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Baimuratova Mairash, Tugulbayeva Aliya, Jumatova Ulbossyn, Tiesova-Berdalina Raushan, Ryskulova Alma-Gul, Abdusalamova Zahida

Intense pulsed light and heated eye mask therapies for the treatment of dry eye syndrome

Proveja Dana, Kassaliete Evita, Balode Inta, Solomatins Igors

Visual performance of scleral lenses in patients with different stages of keratoconus 

Balode Inta, Kuple Varvara, Gertnere Jana, Solomatins Igors

The impact of rebamipide on functional topography of enzymes of the small intestine in rats in the norm

Belostotsky Nicolay, Baulo Elena, Parfenov Аsvold

Assessment of bacteriophage effect in the bacteria culture isolates from patients

Basoka Anastasija, Liduma Iveta

Clinical and pharmacogenomic implications of xanthine dehydrogenase genetic variation in Latvian tuberculosis patients

Vīksna Anda, Igumnova Viktorija, Kivrāne Agnija, Freimane Lauma, Pole Ilva, Bandere Dace, Ozere Iveta, Ranka Renāte

Detection of genes responsible for biofilm formation in blood of patients with ischaemic coronary artery disease

Kaminskaite Kornelija, Tatarunas Vacis, Giedraitiene Agne

Functional activity of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells under the acute and chronic exposure to ionizing radiation in different doses

Russu Iryna, Bilko Nadiia