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Applications for ERASMUS+ study mobility
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ERASMUS+ is the most popular study and internship mobility programme in Europe, it offers scholarships (from 3 to 12 months) for studies and/or internships in one of LU MF institutions of collaboration.

Scholarships for study mobility 2018/2019

450 EUR/month - Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania  

500 EUR/month - Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece Turkey

600 EUR/month - Germany, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta

650 EUR/month - Austria, Italy

670 EUR/month - France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Iceland

700 EUR/month - Norway, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ireland

* Erasmus+ scholarship can be granted for studies of one semester in a foreign institution. LU can not guarantee additional scholarships if the student decides to prolong his/her stay at the foreign institution.

LU MF requirements for participation in Erasmus+

Students are nominated for participation by the faculty. LU MF study mobility applications are accepted once a year.

Suitable applicants must be students of LU MF (bachelor, master, doctoral level) who have successfully passed study courses of at least 40 credit points (two study semesters), who have no academic or financial debts and who are not on a study leave.

How to apply:

  1. You must choose from our institutions of collaboration
    (The choice is made by carefully examining the materials available on the internet, by talking to higher semester students who already have an Erasmus experience, etc. The study programme directors and Erasmus coordinator do not seek out your destinations for you.)
  2. You must fill-in the online application form and send it to MF Erasmus coordinator Ivars Pekainis:
  3. You must attach a motivation letter written electronically, addressed to your study programme director at LU, 1-2 A4 pages. It should be written in English, and should justify your wish to study in the institution of your choice, mentioning specific courses of at least 20 ECTS from the destionation university, and LU courses that you plan to substitute them with). Ideally, the letter would be supplemented with a screenshot from the course list of your chosen university or course descriptions so that we can see you have researched it thoroughly. The letter must be uploaded with your application form.

The application results will be available via an informative e-mail.


Before applying to the study mobility

Before you submit your application consider carefully:

1) whether or not you can afford spending a semester abroad (financial aspects, family situation, health conditions, possibilities to take a prolonged vacation from work, etc.)

2) upon your choice of destination, it is advised to choose based on academic not geographical considerations. It is not always the case that the most beautiful cities host the best and most suitable universities. FOREIGN STUDENTS CANNOT SPEND ERASMUS+ IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY, that’s why it’s called ‘exchange studies abroad’!

3) when planning your exchange studies, carefully evaluate the foreign course offer and its conformity with the LU study programme – whether the foreign institution courses correspond with our courses, and if you will be able to pass your LU academic debts (if any) - that will have accumulated during your exchange - at a later stage. It is useful to talk this over with your professors and to ask for your study plan from your study coordinator.

NB! The study programme directors un MF Erasmus coordinator do not seek out your destinations our study courses for you! Part of the application process is demonstrating your ability to research this independently.

Please consider that the rules and regulations for countries and universities differ in the way they arrange applications, documentation and deadlines, so dedicate your time to carefully research their offer and requirements!

Take note of the application requirements that are available in the foreign university web pages. In some cases universities ask for an official certificate (TOEFL, IELTS) that proves your language knowledge, even if you study this language in your home university.


ERASMUS+ programme allows 2-12 month study and/or internship mobility during one study level (bachelor, master, doctoral). If you have previously received LPP/ERASMUS or ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship for study exchange, you can now use the rest of those 12 months in ERASMUS+ framework!

For example, if you have been on exchange studies for 5 months before, you can now use the rest of those 7 months or less for ERASMUS+ exchange studies. If you were previously granted an exchange scholarship for a different study level, then you can now use up to 12 months.

If you have any questions, please write to LU MF Erasmus coordinator Ivars Pekainis: